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News just in! Ape Escape has now sold over 12 million copies in Physical and PSN sales, making it the best selling PlayStation One title ever sold. Congrats!


New site Layout! Forum coming soon! Site will be finished soon, we promise!


Happy First Day Of The Month! Check out the brand new Fury! page, full of new screens, and information about the game. Also check out the "12 Years of Ape Escape" project on the site as well. We also have the new forum, which is already getting used frequently. Check it out! Fury! in Japan in just 8 days! 8 DAYS!!!!!!


Ape Escape Fury! will be released in just 4 days in Japan. We cannot wait for you guys in Asia to play the game, and would love you too tell us what you think on our forum. If you haven't already seen the new Fury! page, you can see it here. We are now working on a page for "Million Monkeys". Also, if you guys want Million Monkeys to be released in Europe and in the US, then make sure you vote here. You know you want it...


Good news! The franchise has made it to 100 million copies worldwide! Sales of the mobile games have increased since the announcement of Fury! and we are excited to say Ape Escape has gone to over a 100 million copies worldwide. View the sale figures here.


One more day... :O


Fury! is out today in Japan. Get your copy NOW!


Happy New Year! Take a look for some awesome news here. Check out the Infectonator World Dominator game

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