Happy New Year Guys! Seeing as it is the first day of the year, we thought that we would share a little bit of info for you guys! We can confirm that Ape Escape 4 is coming very soon. It will be the fourth title in the main series, and we cannot wait for you guys to play it! Your probably wondering, "When will this game be released????". All we can tell you is the game will be announced when "Ape Escape: Fury! Fury!" has "run it's course". A game usually has a lifespan of about 18 months, so maybe mid 2012 we might see an actual announcement. That is only if the game doesn't make it into the "Best Of" series in Japan, which if it does (99% chance it will) it means they will continue to support the game for another year.  

Ape Escape: Fury! Fury! has been noted as the "introduction game to Ape Escape 4", so if your wanting Ape Escape 4, we suggest picking up Fury! Fury! (comes out on February 8th, 2011 in the US) just so you are up-to-date, and don't feel confused when you play number four. It would be like playing "Million Monkeys" without playing "Pumped & Primed" first. You wouldn't know who half the characters were (Helga, Pipotron, Grid Core), and you would probably enjoy the game less. So that's just a bit of advice. For those doubting Fury! Fury! for it's "Rail Shooter" aspect, don't be quick to judge. There have been plenty of people who have played the game, and have said it's A LOT of fun. If you don't believe me, try here, and here. So why not cough up the $40, and have fun? You'd be crazy not too! 

More information about Ape Escape 4 when we get it, in the meantime, have fun catching over 700 monkeys in Fury! Fury! and give those monkeys what they deserve!